Episode 3 Show Notes

Little Jimmy Dickens performing Country Boy.

And Hillbilly Fever.

They show parts of this stunning Hank Sr. video in the series but worth repeating in full.

More on the Mother’s Best recordings.

Paul Simon’s foray into rockabilly!! Great!!

Audio of Hank’s funeral.

Sid King & The Five Strings on the Ozark Jubilee.

The Carter Family doing “Sweet Talking Man.

One minute in, Chet sends us to space.

Chet Atkins and Roy Clark being transcendent.

Hours of great Flatt & Scruggs footage.

The Foggy Mountain Boys doing Flint Hill Special.

Elvis fighting a leopard.

Elvis as a doctor; Mary Tyler Moore as a nun; pure gold.


Kitty performing Back Street Affair live.

Merle Travis performing Sixteen Tons.

Tennessee Ernie Ford and the Shotgun Boogie.

Tennessee Ernie on the Lucy Show.

Tennessee Ernie + Merle Travis UNITE!

Tennessee Ernie embraces the go-go craze of the mid-60s – the 45 of this is a big spin in the soul music scene!

Find the songs we played on the radio broadcast but couldn’t podcast at this Spotify playlist.

Find every song played in the Ken Burns episode (beyond what’s on the official soundtrack) at this Spotify playlist.

Here’s Don’s internet presence.

Here are Becky’s radio show archives back 5 years.

Socials: Don = @bothkindsofmusic on IG
Becky = @honkytonkwfmu on IG and Twitter
Nick = @djcowboynick on IG

Questions? Hot takes? Email us at howdy@holdingthingstogether.com

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