Episode 4 Show Notes

The $750,000 Trio as portrayed by Episode 4 of Country Music.

Info on a lawsuit involving Bear Cat and Hound Dog.

Info on Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan, an excellent documentary about Cowboy Jack Clement made up of his own home movies.

Sam Phillips on Elvis.

Black Star, Becky’s favorite post-Sun Elvis record, which has a crazy David Bowie connection as well.

Don won’t like this great video of Ray Price (featuring an excellent Nudie suit). He remains wrong.

The Light in the Attic compilation of Willie Nelson’s early demos.

Send your cards and letters about this transcendence (and maybe boycott the upcoming hologram tour).

Marty Robbins performing Feleena, the prequel song to El Paso.

Lefty Frizzell on Porter Wagoner’s show.

This book is the Rock, Rot and Rule of country music.

Patsy Cline performing Crazy.

Video of the Collins Kids performing Hoy Hoy.

The Collins Kids, Glen Campbell, and George Morgan performing My Window Faces the South.

Great documentary on Janis Martin.

The Louvin Brothers performing I Can’t Keep You In Love With Me.

The two comps Don mentioned for a deeper dive into country music.

A FANTASTIC Mel Tillis appearance on the Porter Wagoner show.

Find the songs we played on the radio broadcast but couldn’t podcast at this Spotify playlist.

Find every song played on the Ken Burns episode (beyond what’s on the official soundtrack) at this Spotify playlist.

Here’s Don’s internet presence.

Here are Becky’s radio show archives back 5 years.

Socials: Don = @bothkindsofmusic on IG
Becky = @honkytonkwfmu on IG and Twitter
Nick = @djcowboynick on IG

Questions? Hot takes? Email us at howdy@holdingthingstogether.com

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