Episode 7 Show Notes

The Ryman stage circle heading to Opryland. Installation of linoleum from 25c arcade not pictured.
Guy Clark’s Randall Knife.

Tricky Dick plays the opening of the Opry at Opryland.

Glen Campbell with a cooking version of Gentle On My Mind – check that guitar solo!

Becky’s radio tribute to Glen, focused on his guitar work.

John Denver + Cass Elliot performing Leaving On A Jet Plane, featuring a blazing activist intro from Cass. Fun fact: the only rock/pop/whatever concert Becky’s mom had EVER been to before the 2000s was John Denver (Becky’s mom grew up in fascist Spain). And while we’re defending John Denver, here’s a great performance of Take Me Home, Country Roads – this is 100% a country song! And, to take it all the way back full circle, Cass guested on the Johnny Cash show, where they sang Buck Owens’s Act Naturally while she wore a Minnie Pearl hat.

Trailer for Heartworn Highways.

Trailer for Be Here To Love Me, the Townes doc.

The pre-Outlaw Waylon, lookin’ dreamy. Speaking of dreamy, here’s a clip from the movie Nashville Rebel — he’s really predicting his own fate!

Weirdo beatnik Willie at his best.

Waylon and Waylors circa 1975. This video was part of a TV pilot that Cowboy Jack Clement made for his own variety show. You can see him dancing in the back.

Hank Jr on Your Cheatin’ Heart.

Go shopping with Dolly.

An absolutely wonderful video of Dolly and Chet Atkins, talking about her Opry debut, her playing guitar with huge nails, and Chet on banjo.

Linda Ronstadt (also, where is she in this series?), Dolly, and Emmylou with Dolly playing banjo.

Dolly on Elvis wanting I Will Always Love You.

Audio of Gram and Emmylou covering Buck Owens.

Emmylou and the Hot Band meet Motown to GREAT EFFECT.

I like beer!

Truly amazing video of Doug Sahm and the Sir Douglas Quintet at the Playboy mansion.

Charlie Rich on the Jimmy Dean show.

Find every song played on the Ken Burns episode (beyond what’s on the official soundtrack) at this Spotify playlist.

Here’s Don’s internet presence.

Here are Becky’s radio show archives back 5 years.

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