Episode 1 Show Notes

The Taft Hotel in NYC today; site of Jimmie Rodgers’s death.

Baby Marty Stuart on the Porter Wagoner show.

Video from The Baron.

Great compilation of Marty Stuart’s photographs.

Spotify link to Same Train, A Different Time by Merle.

Lefty doing Jimmie Rodgers.

Louis Armstrong, who played on the original record, recreating Jimmie Rodgers’s Blue Yodel #9 with Johnny Cash.

Maybelle wailing on Wildwood Flower.

How to play the Carter Scratch.

An amazing podcast on Dr. Brinkley, goat testicle hawker and border blaster radio founder.

The Carter Family on border radio.

Article about Jimmie Rodgers as the mythical Chemirocha.

Full, tremendous video of Jimmie Rodgers in Camden, NJ.

Merle doing I Ain’t Got Nobody.

Louie Bluie in its entirety. What an astounding film and a genius in Howard Armstrong.

Find the songs we played on the radio broadcast but couldn’t podcast at this Spotify playlist.

Find every song played in the Ken Burns episode (beyond what’s on the official soundtrack) at this Spotify playlist.

Here’s Don’s internet presence.

Here are Becky’s radio show archives back 5 years.

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