Episode 6 Show Notes

Bobby Bare, Sr. + Kristofferson at Monument.

Michael Jackson singing “For the Good Times” at his mom’s birthday with Floyd Cramer in attendance (none of this is a typo).

Kristofferson on KCET in 1970.

Kristofferson getting booed offstage by hippies.

Tammy performing I Don’t Want To Play House.

Possum on the Porter show doing Walk Through This World With Me.

Derek & the Dominoes with Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins on the Johnny Cash Show.

A real classy Hee Haw number with no allusions whatsoever.

Exhaustive book on Hee Haw.

How Merle got through this experience, we’ll never know.

Roger vs Emery.

Garth Hudson returns to Big Pink.

Joan Baez doing Mama Tried, featuring Jerry Reed on the flubbed guitar.

Ringo Starr, the most underrated Beatle, and the biggest country fan of them all.

Ringo + Buck doing Act Naturally.


This doc featuring Leon Russell is a must-watch.

A stunning video featuring Willie, Leon, and Ray Charles at the end of Ray’s life.

Find every song played on the Ken Burns episode (beyond what’s on the official soundtrack) at this Spotify playlist.

Here’s Don’s internet presence.

Here are Becky’s radio show archives back 5 years.

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